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How to develop valuable b2b online content

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Most business to business publishers are wrestling with how to generate revenues from their online content.   The realisation that news, even in a niche market, is unlikely to command a subscription from a reader has led many to develop analysis and data services which have greater value.  Case studies from Emap, Incisive and Strategy Eye at the Paywalls conference organised by The Media Briefing on 24 February provided a useful structure for planning online b2b content.  The hierarchy goes from free commodity content to that which is valued in the thousands… (more…)

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Paid content options for b2b publishers

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

There’s been a flurry of announcements recently about b2b publishers setting up paid content models.  Construction News have put subs-only content behind a pay-wall; Paid content is investigating paid models, and the New York Times has announced it is moving to a metered model.  After the initial focus on newspapers, it’s now the specialist b2b publishers who are testing out new approaches.  The recent closure of Media Week shows that the old model of a weekly magazine filled with news and gossip and a few surveys and opinion pieces just doesn’t stack up.  Most business people are now plugged into a community that circulates industry news through email, blogs, linked-in and twitter.  Where b2b publishers potentially have an edge is in using their knowledge and contacts for creating lead generation or trend forecasting services, or providing useful tools that help people do their job better.  A great example is Emap’s WGSN, who can charge £15k for trend forecasting services.  Here are the main paid content business models that b2b publishers appear to be using: (more…)

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