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How to develop valuable b2b online content

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Most business to business publishers are wrestling with how to generate revenues from their online content.   The realisation that news, even in a niche market, is unlikely to command a subscription from a reader has led many to develop analysis and data services which have greater value.  Case studies from Emap, Incisive and Strategy Eye at the Paywalls conference organised by The Media Briefing on 24 February provided a useful structure for planning online b2b content.  The hierarchy goes from free commodity content to that which is valued in the thousands… (more…)

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Top 10 articles on digital publishing in 2010

Friday, December 31st, 2010

What were the hottest topics on this blog in 2010?  I’ve listed the top ten most-read articles on digital publishing.  Paid online content featured highly, and the practicalities of creating digital magazines and curating third party content also proved popular.  Plus my rant on why specialist titles do better with independent publishers. Here’s the full set: (more…)

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Is curated content a viable publishing model?

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

The core dilemma of online publishing is that revenues are lower than traditional print publishing, yet the cost of original content remains high. So there has been much talk of the curated model, where editors select articles published elsewhere and signpost readers to relevant external content, rather than create it all in-house.  If well-executed, this is valuable to readers suffering from an overload of information and paucity of time, particularly in business to business markets.  But if the scope of the publication is wide, even curation is a mammoth task.  Enter the automated indexing systems which gather relevant articles from multiple sources and tag them.  Great time-savers, but there is always the risk of the jarring note of a feature that doesn’t belong; maybe you saw the articles on misplaced ads that circulated recently…

Given this tension between low cost automation and expensive human editors, I was interested to meet Neil Thackray of Briefing Media last Friday, and learn more about his latest venture, The Media Briefing, which combines a powerful semantic indexing system powered by Idio with a human expert editor; in this case Patrick Smith.  They only launched last week, but already have links to over 30,000 articles – and have no plans to increase the staff beyond Patrick.  Here’s some insight into how an online publisher can combine expert human insight with a powerful automated indexing system: (more…)

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