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Creating content from communities

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Increasingly media owners are realising that their business is not about the production and sale of content; it’s about building a community of interest, using targeted content to attract and retain the right kind of audience.  That community is likely to include people who are experts in their field – leading professionals in a targeted sector, or prosumers in a specialist activity, sport or hobby.  Smart publishers are encouraging this community to contribute to their content, widening the range of voices and viewpoints, and meeting the universal desire to see one’s name in print (or online).  Here are five ideas for creating content from your own community, plus some examples of specialist media owners: (more…)

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Creating an event cycle that drives content and community

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Many media owners are branching out into live events – either putting forward their experts as speakers or organising their own paid events, conferences, seminars and networking sessions.  Events complement online content well, especially on controversial topics where the gurus disagree, and the audience has specific questions.  Participants also love to meet each other in person even if they have already made contact online.  But the greatest value in events is created by planning the entire event cycle to maximise the event’s ability to create lasting content and stimulate discussion in the community well beyond the time and place of the physical event.  Here are my tips on creating an event cycle: (more…)

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