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Mobile publishing in specialist markets: a practical guide

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Mobile devices are  growing explosively, so even niche publishers have to look at the opportunity for mobile publishing.  Where, though, do you start?  I’ve developed a practical approach, based on case studies presented at the Mobile Media Strategies conference on June 14.

Why can’t publishers ignore mobile?  Because the numbers are growing so fast.  According to Screeen Digest, in the UK there are already 12m users of iOS, including ipod touch, iphone and ipad; within 3 years this will reach 18m.  Across Europe the Apple App store dominates with 82.5% of total revenues of 1.6bn euros.  Android is growing its share of smartphones, although the tablet market is still 97% Apple.  And everyone is using mobile more and more for business email, social media, research, shopping –  and pure entertainment.

So here’s a practical approach for niche publishers to  develop a mobile publishing strategy: (more…)

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Media Pioneer: how Factory Media grew app revenues 26%

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Many publishers are considering putting their magazine content into apps , to tap into the worldwide audience on Apple devices and increasingly android too.  But how to work out what to charge for and how to grow revenues?  Action Sports publisher Factory Media seems to have hit on a winning formula.  They are the latest Media Pioneer, for their impressive 26% growth in app revenues.  Here’s my take on the key reasons for their success: (more…)

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